Russet Red Lentil Dahl

First of all, isn’t the color of the soup to die for?? Anything this vibrant and beautiful must be healthy for you!  And that it is!!! (Applause!)  I make this “Russet Red Lentil Dahl” every week! It’s sooooooo good!  Russet is another name for a golden shade of red…a perfectly fitting name for this vibrant Dahl. […]

Tea Tuesday: Autumn Tea is a Necessitea + Granola Bar Recipe

It’s officially Fall Y’all!!!! 🙂  Which in my book means its time to pull out all the yummy fragrant spices, drink tons of holiday teas, and start playing Christmas music! Unfortunately that is not a typo.  I’ll admit it; by the end of September I have secretly already listened to a few Christmas tunes (Michael Buble […]

Peanut Butter Balls

    I met my girlfriend (who had a baby recently) for brunch the other day, and we got on the topic of kid-friendly recipes.  This recipe is one that would be totally fun to get the kids involved with.  I actually had a lot of fun myself rolling these into little globes myself! I found […]

Mango Tomato Salsa

My whole family is addicted to this salsa!  This recipe combines a few of my favorite foods:  tomatoes, mango, & cilantro!  Triple YUM!   This recipe is delicious with a great tortilla chip, or I think it would be really great over black or refried beans.  While hanging out at the pool this summer, I […]

Mediterranean Salsa

This is a delicious and versatile salsa! It is totally addicting which is okay because its 100% healthy and low in fat!  My dad and stepmom visited us this week in Vegas all the way from Florida.  We spent a lot of time eating and then eating some more – while we were eating lunch, […]

Creamy Basil Sauce

I was in the mood for a creamy sauce yesterday, but I wanted something that was lower in fat than the usual vegan cream sauces.  Using what I had at the house, I created this Creamy Basil Pesto that is perfect for whole wheat pasta, bean pastas (which I love!), used as a veggie sauce, […]

Angry Asian Salad with Yummy Sauce

  I love love love asian food!  Seriously, I am a chopstick pro.  I would even say that I am a chopstick snob.  HA!  You know what my pet peeve is?  It’s those cheap wooden take-out style chop sticks at restaurants, ugh…I despise the way the wood splits apart. Haha well anyways, this may not […]

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

I don’t know about you, but I have been super busy lately! It is that time of year…school is almost over, summer is upon us, lots of plans to be made, and not enough hours in the day!  That is where this soup comes into play.  This is true fast food, but healthy style!  Just […]

Classic Oil-Free Hummus

This is my mom’s favorite snack! I made this for my mom as her first SOS-Free recipe.  Now she makes this recipe every week to keep in her refrigerator as handy and healthy snack!  I have always loved hummus, but its so dang salty when bought pre-made…not to mention full of oil. Ugh! I can’t even handle it. […]

Simply Spiced Raw Applesauce

This apple sauce is the easiest treat you will ever make!  I love recipes where I can just throw everything into a blender and then VOILA appears a delicious gourmet meal!  I used three types of apples in this recipe to create the perfect blend of sweet and tangy. This applesauce is quite versatile.  If […]