Russet Red Lentil Dahl

First of all, isn’t the color of the soup to die for?? Anything this vibrant and beautiful must be healthy for you!  And that it is!!! (Applause!)  I make this “Russet Red Lentil Dahl” every week! It’s sooooooo good!  Russet is another name for a golden shade of red…a perfectly fitting name for this vibrant Dahl. […]

Upcoming Recipe Collab + Forks Over Knives Event!

This was a very eventful weekend!! I spent most of my time in the kitchen and at Panevino Ristorante!  Why, you ask?? Let me show you! Well, a few months back I met a great girl through Instagram, Yvonne Ardestani, and we decided it would be really fun to get together and do a recipe […]