Angry Asian Salad with Yummy Sauce



I love love love asian food!  Seriously, I am a chopstick pro.  I would even say that I am a chopstick snob.  HA!  You know what my pet peeve is?  It’s those cheap wooden take-out style chop sticks at restaurants, ugh…I despise the way the wood splits apart. Haha well anyways, this may not be a super authentic asian dish, but it IS definitely a Nutriarian-Asian-Style Salad!  Even though I love eating with chopsticks, this probably isn’t the best salad to eat with sticks; a fork will work just fine! 🙂

Gone are the days of the 80’s and 90’s when Kale was just a nice little garnish on salads and around buffets. With the advent of the ANDI scale (developed by Joel Furhman, MD), the news is out that Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet!  I am always looking for ways to include it in my diet! In The Engine 2 Diet book, Rip Esselstyn describes Kale as an “Angry” lettuce because of its tendency to be tough to chew in its most raw state. Thats where this yummy salad dressing comes in!  The acidity from the vinegar and the natural oil in the peanuts helps to tenderize the kale to make it a bit more “Happy!”  Toss in the Edamame and Purple Cabbage and you can tell your hunger,  “Sayonara!!!”
Without the addition of fatty oil and lots of salt (typical of asian food, especially salad dressings) this salad is SUPER nutritious.
Kale:  The king of greens with a nutrient density score of 100!
Purple Cabbage: Phytonutrients & crazy high in antioxidants!
Beans:  The most nutrient dense carbohydrate source!
Edamame: Plant Based Protein!
Nuts:  The fat from peanuts helps the nutrients in the kale become more absorbable in our bodies!
Pomegranate Juice:  More anti-aging antioxidants!
Ginger:  Anti-inflammatory & Cancer prevention!
Garlic:  Increases blood flow and helps stimulate digestion!

Salad Ingredients (Serves 2 for Main Dish sizes, 4 people for Appetizers)

1 Cup Edamame

1 Cup Shredded Carrots

1 Cup Garbanzo Beans

1/2 Cup Raisins

2 Cups Curly Kale, chopped

1 Cup Purple Cabbage, chopped

Yummy Sauce Ingredients

2/3 Cup Pomegranate Juice

1/2 Cup Brown Rice Vinegar

6 Medjool Dates, unsweetened (or less depending on your desired sweetness)

1 Teaspoon Ground Ginger

1-2 Garlic Cloves

2-4 Tablespoons Peanut Butter, unsalted

1 Tablespoon Bragg’s Amino Acid (a low sodium soy sauce alternative GF)


1.  Mix all salad ingredients together and set aside.

2.  Blend all dressing ingredients together and puree until smooth. 

3.  Combine & enjoy!!

If you want to skip the Peanut Butter, this dressing is actually quite tasty and tangy without the addition of the nuts.  You could also substitute sesame seeds (aka tahini) or any other type of nut butter.








  1. Looks just beautiful Ashley!! And the dressing sounds really good!

  2. nourishbymelissa says:

    Yum! That dressing sounds great as well! Love how nutritious all the ingredients are 🙂

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