Final Post Before New Website Reveal! :)

Hi everyone! There are fun changes being made around here!  First of all, I have been working on a total website redesign the past few months, and it is finally time to reveal! It should be a pretty easy transition, and the new Site will hopefully be up by Wednesday!  The only thing I am not going to […]

Fitness: Tone up with 4 simple exercises!

Just as important as healthy eating, is getting adequate exercise!  It doesn’t matter where you get your exercise, just as long as you are not sedentary. Like most girls I know, a cute new fitness outfit is great motivation to get our booties up and moving, so I just got these leopard leggings from Dona […]

A Peek Into My Vegas Fall Festival Trip!

I recently heard that we had a fall festival in town!  Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.  With the holiday season approaching, this time of year is the busiest of all, but for some reason the fall season is so calming and relaxing for me.  Autumn brings a peace of mind, which I […]

Upcoming Recipe Collab + Forks Over Knives Event!

This was a very eventful weekend!! I spent most of my time in the kitchen and at Panevino Ristorante!  Why, you ask?? Let me show you! Well, a few months back I met a great girl through Instagram, Yvonne Ardestani, and we decided it would be really fun to get together and do a recipe […]

Mind + Style Musing: Fay With Love

I have found a new brand that I absolutely adore!  I love brands that mesh Style & Wellness.  (Hey, hey, that’s what I do too!)  Fay With Love is a lifestyle brand that centers itself around positivity and love.  Each of their pieces are beautiful, radiant, and exude a positive message. I’m wearing their “Beam Of Light” […]

My Daily Morning Yoga Stretches!

After I wake up in the mornings and have a big glass of water, the next thing I do is my morning stretches.  I love waking up early (although I’m not always up as early as I would like to be) and feeling the fresh morning air and stretching my body! Stretching is just as […]

The Coolest Fruit Ever + My Latest Wardrobe Obsession!

Behold the lovely Pink Dragonfuit, aka Pitaya! Have you seen this before??  Pitaya is an asian fruit; it’s in the cactus family.  It is mildly sweet and packed with antioxidants!! I mean…for real?! Check out that color!!!!  That’s pure beauty right there!  Our bodies were totally made to eat beautiful stuff like that! Pitaya actually comes […]

Iodine Rich Foods

If you are eating a plant based diet, make sure your iodine levels are in check!  Iodine is an essential trace element important for maintaining proper thyroid function.  The thyroid helps maintain our hormones and weight.  One of my favorite recipes to make that is very high in plant based iodine is my Vegan “Seafood” […]

Exercise Comeback: The Hula Hoop!

My favorite childhood toy is making a comeback! Who is excited? Haha..ME!  My girlfriend and I were talking the other day about fitness routines that works out your abs really well, and we started talking about how cool it was when we used to hula hoop as kids.  Then we both started wondering why we […]

Style Recipe: Health & Fashion Unite!

You have heard of Food Diaries and Fitness Logs, but have you heard of jewelry that becomes your personal health motivation?  I am talking about my friend Chelsea Charles and her line of Count Me Healthy Bracelets.  These stunning bracelets serve as motivation for your daily health goals.  You track your goals by moving the beads […]