Beauty Recipe: A DIY Hair Mask So Good You Could Eat It!

This truly is a hair mask that you could eat!  Haha, and yes, I tasted it!  Ok, so some of you may think I’ve gone completely nuts, and some may think that I’m just being getting in touch with my tree-hugger self (whatever, you know I’m a Glam Granola girl!).  Well the truth is that […]

Beauty Recipe: Cuticle Oil

One of my favorite mini luxuries is CUTICLE OIL!! I started using cuticle oil a few years ago to combat my dry and cracked cuticles.  I used to buy it at my nail salon, but I love to make my own products so not surprisingly, I started making my own!  This is something that I […]

The History Of Lipstick

Lipstick is probably the most popular and most feminine of all cosmetics.  It is one that can instantly add life to an early morning face, and it can instantly add glam to a casual denim and white t-shirt outfit.  Makeup has been in our world for thousands of years, and Lipstick is one that will be with […]

Foods For Shiny and Strong Hair

Want a shiny, strong and healthy hair? All you have to do is eat foods that nourish your body! What foods are these? These are the foods with large amounts of vitamins, healthy fats and minerals. Pack these foods into your daily diet and transform your hair to its healthiest best! Blueberries are high in […]

Beauty Recipes: Pa-Pa-Pa-paya Tropical Face Mask!

  Pa-Pa-Pa-paya!!! This tropical papaya face mask makes me want to do a little dance! Who knew it could be so much fun making your own beauty treatments!  If you haven’t treated your beautiful face to any tender lovin’ care lately…get in the summer groove and make this face mask asap! Papaya enzymes are a […]

5 Healthy Tips To Glow On Your Wedding Day

You want to look and feel your best on your wedding day!  Our four year anniversary last week had me thinking about brides-to-be.  I know how I felt before our wedding;  I wanted to be sure that I looked my best! Pictures last forever!  There is nothing worse than dull skin, dry hair, or a […]

Beauty Recipes: Springtime Sugar Scrubs

I love my natural beauty care, and sugar scrubs top the my list of favorite things.  Not only are they so simple, but they are so affordable and quick!  I promise, that if you start making your own body scrubs, you will never buy them in the store again.  Even if you aren’t crafty, I […]

Hydrating Foods for Radiant Skin

Eat Your Water!! Roughly 20% of our daily H2O intake comes from solid foods, especially fruits and vegetables. It’s still important to drink plenty of water…especially in the summer…but you can also quench your thirst with these highly hydrating foods!  These are at least 90% water by weight! These foods are your beauty foods! They […]

Five Simple Skincare Tips

Witch hazel is a flowering shrub with many skin care benefits! Plus using witch hazel as part of your skin care regimen is eco-friendly and inexpensive! Use Witch Hazel like you would a toner.  It is a natural astringent and can help fight blemishes! I love how fresh and soft my skin feels after using Witch Hazel! […]

Beauty Recipes: Holiday Body Scrubs

One of the most amazing beauty treatments you an make at home are body scrubs.  They are so inexpensive and easy to make! You just need sugar or salt, oil, and fragrance.  These treatments would be wonderful holiday gifts.  I always love receiving hand made gifts; they are so heartfelt and unique. I found these […]