Tea Tuesday: Autumn Tea is a Necessitea + Granola Bar Recipe

It’s officially Fall Y’all!!!! ūüôā ¬†Which in my book means its time to pull out all the yummy fragrant spices, drink tons of holiday¬†teas, and start playing Christmas music! Unfortunately that is not a typo. ¬†I’ll admit it; by the end of September I have secretly already listened to a few Christmas tunes (Michael Buble […]

Tea Tuesday: TeaTox Time!

My girlfriend Sandra came over yesterday morning and we had tea and a light breakfast. ¬†I made us Apple Pie Overnight Oats (which will be on blog soon!),¬†Pumpkin Muffin Tops, AND we drank my FruiteaTox Daytime Tea! ¬†SO DELICIOUS!!! Tea time is my favorite time of the day. ¬†Morning, Afternoon, or Evening…anytime is tea time […]

Tea Tuesday: Tea in Texas!

I visited Texas last week, and had an incredible time seeing my friends and revisiting my favorite restaurants and chowing down plant style! ¬†One of my most exciting and relaxing parts of my trip was my visit to a tea shop in Houston. ¬†Thank goodness for Google and Yelp….I found the mother load of organic […]

Tea Tuesday: Take Me To The Tropics!

This week was very exciting and eventful as I visited¬†Texas (for work and pleasure) to visit some girlfriends and new blogger friends.¬† I love how blogging introduces you to so many new people!¬† I am such a people-person so all this stuff is totally up my alley!¬† I‚Äôll have some Texas photos¬†to share with you […]

Tea Tuesday: Birthday Edition!

My sweet friend Victoria flew into Las Vegas this week to visit me during my birthday! ¬†We decided that there is no better way to kickstart a birthday celebration than with cake & tea!!! A couple of my favorite things! We made¬†a little stop last night at the Red Velvet Cafe and picked up a […]

Tea Tuesday: American Beauty

Happy July 1st! Where did this year go?? This American Beauty tea is delicious with a pastry or with fresh fruit. ¬†Just to be festive (because I love festiveness!) I made some Fourth of July Toast this morning! ¬†Why not have a little festive breakfast all by myself?! ¬†I vote for festive fun always! This […]

Tea Tuesday: Summer Peaches

June is national Iced Tea Month so what better way to celebrate than with a refreshing glass of Peach Tea! ¬†Peaches remind me of the south. ¬†I am from North Carolina originally, so I grew up on peaches. ¬†My mom and my grandma used to make peach cobblers in the summer. ¬†Our whole family would […]

Tea Tuesday: Schizandra Berry Tea

  It’s not a secret that I love berries. ¬†Berries are some of the best foods on the planet you can eat! They are super nutrient dense and are generally very low in sugar. ¬†Because berries are so awesome, if you are talking about berries, I’m listening! Last year I heard about Shizandra Berry Tea […]

Tea Tuesday: Elephant In The Room

What a beautiful morning. ¬†It is starting to feel a bit like summer, which has me wondering if I am ready for the heat. ¬†I may switch my teas to cold brew or some delightful tea cocktails…we shall see! ¬†Then again, to be honest, I can pretty much drink hot tea anytime, anywhere. I love […]

Tea Tuesday: Not Your Ordinary Oolong

  My girlfriend, Nell, recommended this Oolong tea to me recently. ¬†She has great taste so I knew I had to give it a shot. ¬†Turns out she was right; Orchid Oolong is flippin’ fantastic. ¬†It has¬†a sweet & nutty taste…almost reminiscent of coconut and cocoa if that makes any sense. ¬†In my opinion this […]