Beauty Recipes: Springtime Sugar Scrubs

I love my natural beauty care, and sugar scrubs top the my list of favorite things.  Not only are they so simple, but they are so affordable and quick!  I promise, that if you start making your own body scrubs, you will never buy them in the store again.  Even if you aren’t crafty, I am telling you…you NEED to make one of these!

I also love how body scrubs are so customizable!  You can create them with any fragrance or oil consistency you like!  Put your creative pants on!

Exfoliating the skin is imperative for cell regeneration!  As a beauty professional (I have been a cosmetologist (hair & skin) for 10 years) I know firsthand how important it is to treat our bodies well on the outside and not just the inside.  Our skin needs some natural-lovin’ too!  Keep one of these in your shower and give your body a good scrub down before shaving! Your skin will be soooo soft, and you will be soooo relaxed!

These are a couple floral spring inspired body scrubs that I made.  Feel free to add less or more of the body or fragrance oils.

Home made Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrubs!


This Lavender Vanilla Scrub is an all time favorite!  This sugar scrub is invigorating yet calming.  The dried lavender buds give it extra flair in my opinion.  All ages will appreciate this scrub.   Grapeseed Oil is great for aging skin.  It helps reduce fine lines while also tightening the skin.

 Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub

2 Cups Cane Sugar

3/4 Cup Grapeseed Oil

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil, refined (use unrefined coconut oil if you want it to have a coconut fragrance)

1 Dropper of Lavender Essential Oil

1/2 Dropper of Vanilla Essential Oil

2 Tablespoons Dried Lavender Buds

Mix everything together!  Seal in an airtight container!


Home made Rose Anise Sugar Scrub


This sugar scrub has a unique twist with the addition of Anise Star (Although Anise is totally optional).  Anise Star has a licorice-like scent, and in combination with rose it adds an earthy note.  I like the combination of Rose and Anise because it is unexpected.  I love adding the dried rose petals; it is just so pretty and organic!  Almond Oil has emollient properties that allow it to be easily absorbed into the skin.  It helps restore the normal PH of the skin and allows the skin to retain moisture.

Rose Anise Sugar Scrub

2 Cups Cane Sugar

3/4 Cup Sweet Almond Oil

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil, refined (use unrefined coconut oil if you want it to have a coconut fragrance)

1 Dropper full of Rose Essential Oil

4-5+ Drops Anise Star Essential Oil

2 Tablespoons Dried Rose Petals

Mix everything together!  Seal in an airtight container!

Rose Anise Sugar Scrub

 Sugar Scrubs make the best home made gifts! I bought these mason jars and tags at the craft store.  Then I wrote the fragrance name on the tag, and simply tied with a ribbon!  Cuteness!

I want to give you a couple options on where to buy your essential oils.  What I am using a product for depends on where I buy my oils.  Good oils at a good prices you can find at Bulk Apothecary.  When I am making products for myself or if I am using essential oils in raw food, like these Peppermint Snowballs, I use Young Living and I order from one of my sweetest friends in the world, Aleksandra of Olenko’s Kitchen!  Young Living are the highest quality, food grade, organic essential oils.






  1. Momma Sheila Haigler says:

    Your scrubs are soooooo pretty. I can’t wait to try making at least
    One if these.
    Looks easy and fun!!

  2. I also use natural skincare and make my own scrubs and masks! I’m definately going to try one of the recipes! They look great!

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