Ashley’s Meals


I eat a combination of cooked and raw plant based foods.  I am obsessed with hot tea, and I enjoy a whole pot…or two…daily. 🙂

Here’s a normal daily breakdown of what I eat:


Close up shot of my fruit-filled breakfast. Half of a papaya, two cups of strawberries, one cup of blueberries, one orange, and a cup of cubed watermelon. Yum!

For breakfast, I normally eat oatmeal with bananas, berries, and ground flaxseed or I eat a huge fresh fruit plate.  If I am on the go, I drink a fruit & veggie smoothie.

Ashley's (Lipstick and Berries writer) Salad for Lunch!

Piggin’ out at the Whole Foods Market Salad Bar!

Lunch = bonding time with my salad.  Almost everyday for lunch, I eat a  gigantic raw green salad with a handful of beans; 2.5 pounds worth of salad that is! My salad is enormous, and I chew it really well and slowly so my mouth can absorb all those nifty nitrates in the greens. My lunchtime is all about savoring and relaxing!

If I have a snack its normally a small fruit bowl,  raw veggies with my homemade oil-free hummus, or a small smoothie.

A Dr. Fuhrman based dinner for Ashley of Lipstick and Berries.

Nice dinner at home. Plant based, vegan, oil-free tamale casserole, spinach salad, tomato salad, and steamed vegetables.

Dinner is a colorful plate. It generally consists of a starch, like a sweet potato or butternut squash, lots of steamed greens, and a main dish.  A main dish could be a veggie pattie, vegetable casserole, or vegetable lettuce wraps. I really enjoy cooking dinner for my husband and I, so I try to cook as much as possible.

Banana Ice Cream Dessert by

A simple vegan, dairy-free, and sugar-free banana ice cream treat!

I almost always have something sweet after dinner. Sometimes I make dairy-free fruit ice cream, or I’ll just simply have one or two Medjool Dates.  I like to end my evening with a hot cup of tea (decaffeinated of course in the evening!).


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