Tea Tuesday: Autumn Tea is a Necessitea + Granola Bar Recipe

It’s officially Fall Y’all!!!! ūüôā ¬†Which in my book means its time to pull out all the yummy fragrant spices, drink tons of holiday¬†teas, and start playing Christmas music! Unfortunately that is not a typo. ¬†I’ll admit it; by the end of September I have secretly already listened to a few Christmas tunes (Michael Buble […]

Tea Tuesday: American Beauty

Happy July 1st! Where did this year go?? This American Beauty tea is delicious with a pastry or with fresh fruit. ¬†Just to be festive (because I love festiveness!) I made some Fourth of July Toast this morning! ¬†Why not have a little festive breakfast all by myself?! ¬†I vote for festive fun always! This […]

Aphrodisiac Smoothies

Drink with caution!! ¬†These are my favorite sexy smoothies! ¬†Each one includes ingredients that are guaranteed to get your motor running! ¬†Who said Valentine’s day had to be unhealthy and fattening? Not me! ¬†Look sexy in your skivvies with these divine drinks! Blissful Beet Beets contain high amounts of Boron which is directly related to […]

Valentines Day Goodies

I get really inspired to create festive treats and to decorate when there is a holiday upon the horizon! It is no surprise that Valentines Day is one of my favorites. ¬†I say Valentine’s Day is for everyone!! Don’t get down on yourself if you are not spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other. ¬†Spend […]

Pretty ‘n’ Pink Cashew Frosting

Have you ever wondered how to make a creamy sweet frosting that is free of dairy and refined sugar? Wonder no more!! Cashew Frosting is your new friend, but it’s totally your BFF when its pink! ¬†This is a simple cashew cream frosting brightened up with a little pitaya!! Feel free to experiment. ¬†Add different […]

Chocolate Chewy Fudge Globes

I love Valentine’s Day!! It’s my second favorite next to Christmas‚ĶI love all the pink, the girly decorations, but most of all…the DESSERTS!! Yes!!! This year I am rocking it sugar-free style! ¬†These fudge globes can be made anytime of the year because let’s face it‚Ķ.chocolate is awesome all the time. ¬†I’m totally loving these […]

Pumpkin Muffin Tops

This recipe was a happy accident. ¬†I was drinking a delicious hot cup of Pumpkin Br√Ľl√©e tea, and started day dreaming of pumpkin. ¬†After drinking my whole pot of tea, I had a little pep in my step and jumped up to experiment with a pumpkin cookie recipe I had just created in my mind! […]

Egg-Not Holiday Trio

When everyone else is drinking egg nog, try one of my guilt-free Holiday Egg-Nots! ¬†These are creamy, delicious, dairy-free, sugar-free, and full of raw protein! ¬†My favorite is the Classic, and my husband’s favorite is the Banana! The Chocolate Power drink is my brother’s go-to Holiday shake for a pre or post workout snack; he […]

Maple Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash is an incredible healthy carb with some awesome heart-healthy benefits! Low in fat, butternut squash delivers an ample dose of dietary fiber, which makes it an exceptionally heart-friendly choice. ¬†Butternut¬†Squash’s golden hue, indicates an abundance of powerhouse nutrients known as carotenoids, shown to protect against heart disease. ¬†This time of the year I […]

Peppermint Snowballs

These Peppermint snowballs are a MUST on your holiday menu! ¬†My sweet friend, Aleksandra of Olenko’s Kitchen was kind enough to send me her favorite essential oils from Young Living, and I used the Peppermint in this recipe. ¬†Fresh Coconut and Dates pair perfectly with Peppermint. ¬†My snowballs are refined sugar free and a delicious […]