Beauty Recipe: Cuticle Oil


One of my favorite mini luxuries is CUTICLE OIL!! I started using cuticle oil a few years ago to combat my dry and cracked cuticles.  I used to buy it at my nail salon, but I love to make my own products so not surprisingly, I started making my own!  This is something that I keep in my purse at all times, and I use it as a mid-day pampering treatment to not only moisturize my nails, but to also breathe in the aroma of my favorite essential oil.

The best part about this beauty DIY is that it is SO EASY!! It’s practically brainless, which I know we all can appreciate.  With this project you can feel like a Crafty Mama but it won’t take up all your time! Oh yes, and it’s super INEXPENSIVE!  I recommend buying the products and then make tons of cuticle oils to give out to your friends & family…the finished product will have only costed you $1-$2.  Who doesn’t love a handmade gift?!


1.  New, Empty Nail Polish Bottles 

2.  Your favorite oil (I like one light in color like Almond Oil)

3.  Essential Oil

4.  Dropper

5.  Decor (I used the Philippine Dove mini shells here; this is optional but super cute!)


1.  Drop decor into bottle if using.

2.  Add oil into each bottle using a dropper being sure not to fill up to top.

3.  Add Essential Oil into each bottle using a dropper.  Add as much or as little as you like!

4.  Pop on top and ENJOY!!! (Your fresh manicure is going to be so happy that you are moisturizing it!)

TIP:  Frankinsince, Myrrh, and Lemon are pure single essential oils from Young Living that are effective in mending brittle & weak nails.  If you have weak nails, you may consider using one of these when making your cuticle oil.



My favorite essential oils come from Young Living, which are of food grade quality and can also be used in raw foods and have pure healing properties.

Another place where you can buy oils is at Bulk Apothecary, I think this is a great place to buy oils if you are making beauty care products as gifts!  Be sure that you are buying Essential Oils and not fragrances.  Fragrances are synthetic…fragrances like “Cinnamon Roll” are not essential oils. 🙂




  1. This look awesome and impossible! Wow, well done 🙂

  2. Brenda Fletcher says:

    Am going to do this. Great gifts. Would love to know your thoughts on rose oil for facial treatments???

  3. Totally need this…

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