Final Post Before New Website Reveal! :)


Hi everyone! There are fun changes being made around here!  First of all, I have been working on a total website redesign the past few months, and it is finally time to reveal!

It should be a pretty easy transition, and the new Site will hopefully be up by Wednesday!  The only thing I am not going to be able to transfer over to my new site are your subscriptions.  IF YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER, please visit the new site and RESUBMIT your email address to the subscription tab. (It will be at the bottom of the site next to the Smoochy Kiss, lol)

Just a heads up, the blog will NOT be automatically sending out notifications for daily posts.  I post too often to have daily emails sent out!!   Luckily with my new site, I have the capability of controlling what goes out to your inbox.  (woohoo)

I will be sending out one monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on whats happening in the world of Lipstick and Berries!  Be sure to check back to the Lipstick and Berries’ blog daily as there will continue to be updated posts all the time! 🙂

Get ready for lots of cool & new things coming your way!

I hope you are having a great day and I will see you on the other side!!!

Peace, Love, and Berries!!

Fitness: Tone up with 4 simple exercises!

Ashley of ©Lipstick and Berries, Easy At-Home ToneUp Exercises! #fitnessfashion #vegan

Just as important as healthy eating, is getting adequate exercise!  It doesn’t matter where you get your exercise, just as long as you are not sedentary.

Like most girls I know, a cute new fitness outfit is great motivation to get our booties up and moving, so I just got these leopard leggings from Dona Jo Fitwear AND a 20% off coupon code for your online shopping convenience 🙂 Use Code: LIPSTICK20 

Scroll to bottom to read more about my new favorite workout pants!! 🙂  

Nothing is more motivating to get to exercising than a brand new workout outfit!

Ladies, and I right, or AM I RIGHT?!??

No excuses now Glam Granola Girls!!

My schedule has changed quite a bit since I started blogging, and I do not always have enough time to go to exercise classes 5 days a week or actually even leave my house 5 days a week to do any workout.  (I know, I know, you would think that a blogger would have more free time…BUT when blogging is a business…its takes up all 24 hours of the day…no complaints, I love it though!)

Instead, what I do often is At-Home Workouts.  I have a yoga mat, stability ball, exercise ball, hand weights, and fun music at my house, and all that equals a free workout anytime.  I start my morning with my Sun Salutation, then I either go for a quick run, a zumba class, at-home workout ball exercises, or I just turn on music and dance in front of my mirror.

Whatever you do, just keep moving!!

Below are 4 exercises on a stability ball that I swear by!


Ashley of ©Lipstick and Berries, Easy At-Home ToneUp Exercises! #fitnessfashion #vegan

5 Squats on one side and then 5 Squats on the other side!!

Ashley of ©Lipstick and Berries, Easy At-Home ToneUp Exercises! #fitnessfashion #vegan

Stay balanced!! Keep your movements nice and slow.  Keep your abs tight!


Ashley of ©Lipstick and Berries, Easy At-Home ToneUp Exercises! #fitnessfashion #vegan

 This is my all time favorite ab, booty, hamstring workout! Balance your feet on the stability ball and keep shoulders on the ground.

Ashley of ©Lipstick and Berries, Easy At-Home ToneUp Exercises! #fitnessfashion #vegan

 Roll the legs out straight while keeping tush and tummy super tight!! Repeat this set 10 times.


Ashley of ©Lipstick and Berries, Easy At-Home ToneUp Exercises! #fitnessfashion #vegan

Not going to lie, this pike move is hard!  Definitely give it a shot though.  If you can get a few in, it will be highly beneficial. 

Ashley of ©Lipstick and Berries, Easy At-Home ToneUp Exercises! #fitnessfashion #vegan

 Start in a push up position.  While keeping your legs straight, roll the ball toward your head into a handstand-style position.  Then roll back down to push-up position.  Repeat this set 5 times.  


Ashley of ©Lipstick and Berries, Easy At-Home ToneUp Exercises! #fitnessfashion #vegan

Balance your shoulders on the stability ball and do 10 arm presses.  If you don’t have weights, use water bottles or frozen water bottles (heavier!)

Ashley of ©Lipstick and Berries, Easy At-Home ToneUp Exercises! #fitnessfashion #vegan

 Keep the back parallel to the floor!  Keep Tummy & Tush tight!

Repeat this whole series 2-3 times and then its time to…..sleephatext

Ashley of ©Lipstick and Berries, Easy At-Home ToneUp Exercises! #fitnessfashion #vegan

My favorite part!! The End! LOL!!

OK, so…my favorite thing about my Dona Jo leggings (other than they are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn) is that they have a MATTE finish, so the pants can actually be worn outside of the gym and not look like workout wear.  I wore these pants later in the week with a pair of black sandals and a long, loose fitting, black top and it was super cute!  I LOVE dual-purpose clothing!

The material of these pants is just fab!  I’m not sure what the material is, but its awesome.  (And they don’t give you a wedgie…ladies you know what I mean!)  I totally totally totally recommend you trying a pair!

 Use code: “LIPSTICK20” for 20% off your purchase!

Ashley of ©Lipstick and Berries, Easy At-Home ToneUp Exercises! #fitnessfashion #vegan

 {Photos by the wonderfully talented and sweet friend Melanie of MJBlack Photography!}

Russet Red Lentil Dahl

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A Peek Into My Vegas Fall Festival Trip!

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Upcoming Recipe Collab + Forks Over Knives Event!

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Mind + Style Musing: Fay With Love

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Tea Tuesday: Autumn Tea is a Necessitea + Granola Bar Recipe

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Merry Mondays: Go Take Care Of Your Body!

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My Daily Morning Yoga Stretches!

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Peanut Butter Balls

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