Lipstick and Berries’ Mantra


More than just a blog, Lipstick and Berries is here to help promote happy, healthy living!  Lipstick and Berries is a place to find inspiration and a place to see that a healthy lifestyle can still be fabulous and fun!

Ashley created Lipstick and Berries as a place for girls who want to look and feel great by eating a plant based diet while maintaing their personal style and beauty!  Ashley offers healthy recipes, nutrition tips, beauty treatments, style and fit girl tips!

All recipes are plant based and abundant with nutritious whole foods, while being 100% oil-free.  They are made with little to no added sodium, and most recipes are refined sugar free and gluten-free.

Living a healthy lifestyle is about nourishing your body – It is about nourishing your mind – It is about about living a happy positive life!  Enjoy your new journey; it’s full of exciting surprises!


Thanks for stopping by!

I hope Lipstick and Berries will inspire you to make some healthy changes for you and your family. I’m sending lots of hugs your way and warm wishes that you feel amazing and spread the word with your friends!




  1. Your Mom told me about your site! Beautiful lady!

  2. Susan Wilson says:

    Hey Ashley! It was great meeting you and Danny at Wazuzu. Hope you remember me (I was the one from NC) I love your site and have shared it with my daughter. I think we both will try to incorporate some of your recipes into our daily lives in hopes to do something a bit healthier LOL
    Susan Wilson

    • Hi Susan!! So nice to hear from you! I hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your stay in Las Vegas! Thank you for sharing with your daughter, a little healthy inspiration never hurt anyone, yay! 🙂 Have a great evening and shoot me an email next time you are headed to Vegas!


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