The Coolest Fruit Ever + My Latest Wardrobe Obsession!

Dragon Fruit!

Behold the lovely Pink Dragonfuit, aka Pitaya! Have you seen this before??  Pitaya is an asian fruit; it’s in the cactus family.  It is mildly sweet and packed with antioxidants!! I mean…for real?! Check out that color!!!!  That’s pure beauty right there!  Our bodies were totally made to eat beautiful stuff like that!

Pitaya actually comes in different varieties, but the fuchsia-fleshed Pitaya is the only one available in my area.  It is native to southeast Asia and is generally available in natural grocers and asian markets in the simmer time.  When I don’t have fresh Pitaya, I buy frozen Pink Pitaya packs!

It has been close to a year now since I started my blog. Speaking of that, I am having a complete blog-remodel-overhaul happening as we speak and it will be launched around the beginning of October!  I’m going to have a HUGE Blog/Instagram giveaway coming up, so make sure to keep a lookout!

 Before I started my blog, I started my Instagram page.  As I looked back at all my Instagram photos, I noticed the overwhelming reoccurrence of PINK.  Wonder why all the pink? You guessed it; PITAYA, and for the simple fact that I LOVE PINK!  I became quite obsessed with this particular fruit.  Below, check out my…

 Instagram Year In Pink…

@lipstickandberries on IG

 Mmmmm…Layered Smoothies, Pink Drinks, Pink Smoothies, Pink Ice Cream!

@lipstickandberries on IG

 Pink Parfaits, more Pink Drinks, why not have a Pink Drink in a Pineapple?

@lipstickandberries on IG

Hey!! I have a new idea!! How about Pink Smoothie in a bowl?! How about Pink Cashew Cake Icing?  Life is not complete without one ginormous Pink Oozing Frozen Smoothie, AND another Pink Drink – this time in a Coconut.

@lipstickandberries on IG

 Looks like I am getting pretty boring here! Just more Pink Drinks….but with all the Glam Granola Girl Embellishments!  Flowers, Fancy Straws, and Fancy Cut Fruit.  Who am I kidding?  This is just how I like it!!


#pink #smoothie #healthyrecipes #ootd

 Oh wait, it appears the pink smoothie has one more appearance to make. C’est Finale!

 Seriously though, my newest wardrobe is the Silk Kimono. It just so happens that the first one I bought was pink (yes, I did say first one, because there are more on their way! Shhhh…dont tell D!)

#smoothie #fashion #style #pink

These Kimonos are my favorite thing to wear! They can be dressed up or down, and they look awesome on you whether you are having a skinny jean day or a “I just stuffed my face with chocolate cake kind of day.”   Seriously though, Kimonos are your new BFF.

#smoothie #fashion #style #pink

You can wear a kimono with a short dress, a maxi dress, capri jeans, or dressy pants.  The possibilities are endless!  I just love the color and the movement of silk kimonos! They say, “I’m happy, I’m relaxed, I’m carefree, and I’m Fancy!” haha 🙂

 #fashion #style #pink

I have seen pretty kimonos in boutiques in different cities, but the kimono I’m wearing in these pictures is from Wetfeather.  The quality is excellent, and the fringe is extra shiny and silky!

#smoothie #fashion #style #pink

Be sure to drink a Pink Pitaya Smoothie at ALL times when wearing your Kimono. 🙂  Hashtag my name, #ashleydianacox,  in any of your pink smoothie creations or in your Kimono pics so I can see you!!

{Kimono Photos by Melanie of MJBlack Photography!}




  1. Your food always looks bright and amazing and you are stunning in that outfit my friend!!!!
    Peace & Raw Health,

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