Tea Tuesday: Tea in Texas!

I visited Texas last week, and had an incredible time seeing my friends and revisiting my favorite restaurants and chowing down plant style!  One of my most exciting and relaxing parts of my trip was my visit to a tea shop in Houston.  Thank goodness for Google and Yelp….I found the mother load of organic tea in Texas.  This shop was called the Path of Tea and I am so happy my path led me to them.

photo 2-3

Path of Tea is the only fully organic tea shop in Texas!  It is a Japanese style tea house and it is a really nice place to break away from the city scene and relax for a moment in time. What I love about this tea shop as compared to others is that, not only can you purchase loose tea, but you can also order a pot of tea to drink while you unwind and sit back at one of their tea tables.

photo 5-3

I was like a kid in a candy store!! Check out all these tea choices!! I think I smelled every single one.  The other people in the shop probably thought I had never seen tea before!

photo 3-3

It is not often that I have an entire afternoon by myself with no friends or family around…but this afternoon was a relaxing and pleasant change.  I relished in my “Afternoon Tea for One” time.  I chose a Butterscotch Roobios to drink in the shop.  It was quite spectacular! I had never tried a butterscotch tea before.  I would recommend it if you like the faint flavor of butterscotch.  🙂  You know what else I totally loved about the Path Of Tea??  …I LOVED that I was able to choose the tea cup that I wanted to drink my Roobios out of of!  Isn’t that blue mug awesome?  I love unique serving ware…pretty obsessed.

photo 4-3

Oh yeah, and I totally had a vegan peach muffin made locally.  Could this place get any better?  Thank you Path of Tea!! Thank you Houston!

photo 1-3

I started loving tea on my first trip to China six years ago.  I had the most delicious green tea in China, and I could not believe my taste buds when I tried it!  Before my trip to Asia, I was never a huge tea fan, unless it was extra, extra sweet tea from North Carolina!!!  🙂

I ended up leaving with about 15 types of loose tea.  I am SO EXCITED to try them out asap!!!  I’ll keep ya posted on how they turn out, as well as some photos from Texas adventures last week!






  1. Next time we need to do tea!

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