Iodine Rich Foods

Keep your thyroid in check with Iodine rich plant foods!  Who would have known that strawberries and cranberries are full of iodine?!  #coolfacts #plantbased

If you are eating a plant based diet, make sure your iodine levels are in check!  Iodine is an essential trace element important for maintaining proper thyroid function.  The thyroid helps maintain our hormones and weight.  One of my favorite recipes to make that is very high in plant based iodine is my Vegan “Seafood” Dip – with navy beans and sea veggies, its creamy, delicious, packed with Iodine, and reminiscent of a beachside appetizer!  Among these five foods pictured above, I also like to eat brown rice sushi with organic seaweed paper to make a quick meal that’s abundant with Iodine!

Iodine Rich Foods! #plantbased #vegan #lipstickandberries




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