Tea Tuesday: Take Me To The Tropics!

Tropical Tea infused with Fruit!! #teatime #afternoontea #fruit

This week was very exciting and eventful as I visited Texas (for work and pleasure) to visit some girlfriends and new blogger friends.  I love how blogging introduces you to so many new people!  I am such a people-person so all this stuff is totally up my alley!  I’ll have some Texas photos to share with you soon.

For now, let me catch you up on my latest tea tasting.  As you know, tea is one of my favorite simple pleasures in the whole world!  My stepmom and I tried this tea last week while she was visiting me in Las Vegas.  We were totally shocked at how unbelievably tasty this tea was!

You don’t have to live in the tropics to enjoy this totally-tropical tea named, Martinique!  This was hands down the best tropical tea that I have ever tasted.  It is beautiful organic roobios that is not bitter at all, and its completely caffeine free.

This tea was so fruity and delicious that it immediately reminded me of fresh fruit!

I thought it would be fun to put my “Spa Water” twist on this tea!  I chopped up one small papaya, one small mango, and one orange and placed the fruit in the brewed tea overnight.  The next morning it was perfect! I loved drinking the tea and sipping up fresh chunks of fruit!



  1. Love me some tropical tea!!!

  2. Hi!
    I just want to say you are amazing & thank you for all the inspiration!
    /Hugs from Gigi in Sweden

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