Merry Monday: Self Love!!



YES, that’s you!!  I’ve talked many times before about how important it is to compliment other people, but it’s also SO important to compliment yourself!  It’s all about the SELF-LOVE baby!!

How often do you look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself?  Loving yourself is the most powerful thing you can do.    Self Love is what drives us to spread positivity, to make healthy choices, and to be genuinely happy.  We must have love for ourselves before we can truly love others.

Stop the self-criticism yourself and cherish the miracle that you are!  If you could love yourself even just a teeny tiny bit more every single day by telling yourself “Self-Affirmations,” then slowly and surely, any self doubt you have will be lifted.

Let your thoughts build you up instead of beat you up!  When we build ourselves up we have the ability to build up others!

Allow your mind to accept goodness and kindness from YOURSELF today!





  1. Momma Sheila Haigler says:

    You are great!! 😘

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