Tea Tuesday: Birthday Edition!

Birthday Tea

My sweet friend Victoria flew into Las Vegas this week to visit me during my birthday!  We decided that there is no better way to kickstart a birthday celebration than with cake & tea!!! A couple of my favorite things!

Birthday Tea Time (LipstickandBerries.com)

We made a little stop last night at the Red Velvet Cafe and picked up a couple of mini cakes for tea time today.  All the cakes at the Red Velvet Cafe are vegan!  (My mom is obsessed with these cakes, she writes it on her list of Things To Do While In Vegas!)  I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t consider these cakes healthy, but they are delicious and very festive for special occasions!  We chose the classic red velvet and the blueberry lemon cake (pictured above).

For tea today, we had Extreme Vanilla from the American Tea Room.  If you like the taste of vanilla, then you will LOVE this!! It is one of most delicious and flavorful teas I have tried.  The smell is intoxicating too…love it!  This tea is incredible when paired with a sweet treat, and not surprisingly the after notes of this tea are of pure vanilla bean.

Bithday Tea

I’m a LEO and the Leo zodiac sign pretty much describes me to a T!  If you know anything about the zodiac, it probably doesn’t surprise you that I am a Leo.  🙂

I’ll be sure to fill you in on the birthday details later in the week.  These past couple weeks have been so special.  My dad and stepmom spent the week with us last week and now I am able to spend time with my girlfriend.  I am truly grateful for all the love that surrounds me and all the special people that make life so extraordinary!





  1. Happy Birthday to you! Great post, have a wonderful and blessed week!

  2. Candycoatedliving says:

    Happy birthday for starters. Hope you enjoyed your day.
    I’m a LIBRA and it suits me to a complete T.

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