Merry Mondays: Sprinkle Your Sparkle!



Making people feel better after you leave is certainly a wonderful thing to do.  We all know someone that makes our day a little brighter anytime they are around!  Be that person!! Make a note to yourself today to leave awesome energy wherever you go.  You will be amazed at how many friends and high quality people you will attract (not to mention great karma)!

Leave your Sparkle by doing this:



Do you feel good about hanging out with a chronic frowner? NO, of course not!  Turn that frown upside down, my friend!  Spread genuine smiles and laughter! Make the decision when you wake up in the morning to be in a positive mood.  Happy energy spreads rapidly, plus people remember positive energy.  Be the person they remember!



I think giving compliments is the ultimate way to leave your trail of sparkle!  Everyone loves to be complimented, and we all NEED it!  Everyone you meet is going through something, so send them that flattering comment that makes their day!



People will always remember how good you made them feel by just being a good listener.  One thing that I pride myself on is being a great listener.  (On a side note, I have had instances where I have met someone and all they did was talk about themselves, while  I listened, for hours, and at the end of their talk they said how much they liked me and what a nice conversation we had.  Interesting, huh?  Hmmm….I am not sure I would call it a conversation, hehe, but I am glad they were happy.  If I made their life a little happier just by listening, then it was was totally worth it).  Point of the story is, if you are a great listener, you will be remembered.  A great listener definitely always leaves her sparkle behind.

Last, but certainly not least; my mantra:



YES.  Wear Sparkle.  I personally wear it in my hair, and if you’re lucky I may put some sparkle in your hair before our rendezvous is over!  (I’m not kidding, it’s called Hair Tinsel and it’s my BFF).  Seriously though, what I mean by wear sparkle, is to wear clothing that evokes happiness!  Wear color and wear accessories that are free spirited and noticeable!  No offense, but when is the last time a gothic dressed person’s outfit made you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy?  Probably not lately.

In general, people that wear color radiate positivity!  Remember that the next time you get dressed.  Our clothing and color choices actually evoke particular feelings upon others!  It’s all psychology!  (More to come on that interesting subject later!!)




  1. Thanks Ashley. I luv this💄👠👜

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