Tea Tuesday: American Beauty

For July 4th! Cute Festive Toast!   {LipstickandBerries.com}

Happy July 1st! Where did this year go??

This American Beauty tea is delicious with a pastry or with fresh fruit.  Just to be festive (because I love festiveness!) I made some Fourth of July Toast this morning!  Why not have a little festive breakfast all by myself?!  I vote for festive fun always!

This is a piece of Sprouted Ezekiel Toast with Cashew Cream & Berries.  {Cashew Cream:  1/2 Cup Vanilla Non-Dairy Milk + 1/4 Cup Cashews + Berries!)

Back to the tea…

American Beauty, is true sippable aromatherapy! There are so many complex flavors:  lavender, mint, jasmine, and rose.  I love teas with a little mint in them.  They awaken my senses and revitalize my morning!

If you are new to the world of tea, this tea is one that you will absolutely love.  All of my family and friends that have tried it have loved it!  Floral teas are always a fan favorite.  American Beauty with its luscious floral notes and a bite of tingly mint are a brilliant A+ combination!

I cannot decide if I like this tea better hot or iced. I love both!

photo 2-1

I had the rest of my tea this evening at sunset and I added a little fresh mint 🙂

Be Festive! Drink Beauty!  Feel Beautiful!



  1. Your toast is the cutest!

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