Around The Web: Ring Remix

What is better than a fancy cocktail on a Saturday night?!  That would be sipping on a Beauty-Detoxifying Mocktail while wearing a kick ass cocktail rings!!

Sparkly glitz on your fingers is the easiest way to add instant glam to an outfit.  Heading to a dinner party after work?  No problem, throw on a sparkly cocktail ring or two and you are ready!

From Left to Right!

1.  Wire Wrapped Aqua Ring $15

2.  Maldivian Multistone Ring $295

3.  Pink Rose Quartz Ring $80

4.  Rose Orange Ring $13

5.  Coral Tory Burch Ring $150

6.  Green Vertical Ring $88

7. Emerald Green and Gold Ring $6

8.  Silver Hearts Rings $18

9.  Multi Colored Ring $24

10.  Butterfly Ring $18

11.  Mango Stone Ring $15

12.  Black and Ivory Rings $117

13.  Blue Quartz Ring $20

14.  Black Filigree Ring $6

So hard to decide, but I think my favorite is #6 the Green Vertical Ring!!






  1. Momma Sheila Haigler says:

    Cute rings! My favorite is #9. With #13 running
    A very close second choice!!!!!💝💝💝💝

  2. Jessica says:

    #3!! ❤ ❤

  3. Natasha says:

    #7, #12 or #1 can’t decide! 🙂

  4. My favorite is is the mango stone ring, second favorite is the green vertical ring.

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