Tea Tuesday: Schizandra Berry Tea


Shizandra Berry Tea! An ancient beauty treatment!  { #teatime #style #beautytreatments #antioxidants #fashion #wellness #naturalremedies }

It’s not a secret that I love berries.  Berries are some of the best foods on the planet you can eat! They are super nutrient dense and are generally very low in sugar.  Because berries are so awesome, if you are talking about berries, I’m listening! Last year I heard about Shizandra Berry Tea so I decided to give it a try.  You know when you hear about something for the first time, and then all the sudden you hear about it like 50 more times in a week…that was me and Shizandra Berry Tea.  I was like OK already! I’m ordering! 🙂

Shizandra berries are famous in China and Korea.  Their most unique property is that they embody all elements of flavor: bitter, sour, sweet, salty, spicy.  Kind cool, huh?  And it actually tastes like that… It smells peppery, but is sweet and sour to the taste, and has a mildly spicy aftertaste! It’s pretty crazy!  You can buy Shizandra Berry Tea at many places I am sure, but I bought mine here.


Shizandra Berry Plant

These are the berries in fresh form!! Beautiful!


This tea is known to have a wide variety of health benefits (which isn’t surprising because IT IS a BERRY!).  This herb has been used for over 3000 years in traditional Chinese medicine.


It is known as a mood stabilizer, stress reducer, and treatment for mild depression.


Schizandra berry may enhance brain optimization and mental concentration by delivering more oxygen to brain cells.  This berry will actually sell out in China during exam time for college students!


Try drinking shizandra in the morning instead of coffee!  It doesn’t contain caffeine, but it does stimulate the nervous system.  It stimulates without the hyper affect you may get from caffeine.  I actually think a small cup of this would be great mixed in a morning green smoothie!  This tea creates a stable energy boost without the crash because it doesn’t contain caffeine!


Chinese women have used this berry to enhance their beauty and retain their youth…and that’s where it really caught my attention!  Let’s focus on that fun fact!  Like other berries, Shizandra is super high in antioxidants.  Actually, this particular berry protects the lipid membrane in skin cells, reduces facial redness, and due to its astringent quality, it helps to lock in the skin’s moisture while reducing the appearance of lines.

My funky chain & woven bracelet is handmade by Samanca Jewelry on Etsy! Ring is vintage, and the other beaded bracelets are made by moi.

Have a great Tuesday!




  1. This looks lovely! I only wish I was there!


    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

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