Candy Compliments


Give out compliments like candy!!

Giving out compliments is the easiest way to make the world a little better!  You may not can change the world, but you can certainly change the world of one person!

Replace your candy bowl with a bowl full of compliments!  Hand out Candy Compliments to anyone you see fit!

We all crave compliments and positive reinforcement!

merrymondaymorecomplimentsI used to be really shy, and would normally be too embarrassed to speak my thoughts.  For example, if I saw someone and I thought they had amazing skin, I would have been way to shy to open my mouth and tell them.  I finally decided one day, that I was going to start speaking my thoughts.  Anytime I thought something nice about someone, I decided I was going to tell them.  Not only does it make someone’s day to hear nice words, but I feel great in return!

In the beginning, compliment giving is something that may require a conscious effort.  Once you open up, compliment-giving will become a habit and a part of your personality!  Challenge yourself to give out at least one compliment a day! At the end of the week, you will have given out 7 solid, smile boosting compliments!  That’s amazing! The following week try to give out 2 compliments per day!

I was shopping in Whole Foods yesterday and I saw this really pretty lady wearing a long purple dress and matching purple jewelry.  Her brunette hair was styled lovely, and she was wearing a gorgeous shade of fuchsia lipstick.  I remember thinking to myself how radiant she looked, and I could tell she really put effort into her outfit.  At first, I kept walking, and then it hit me… I should go tell this woman how nice she looks! You never know what type of day someone is having, and your one compliment may change their whole day OR their whole week!  So I walked all the way across the produce section and walked up to her and told her how great I thought she looked, that I loved the shade of purple she was wearing, and of course her lipstick was stellar!  Her whole face lit up, and she replied with a sincere thank you.

Give out good, honest, and unique compliments.  Compliment one’s personality.  Generic compliments are good to keep in your back pocket, but do not leave as much of an impression.  Here are a few generic compliments that can be enhanced! Use these as a guide to manufacture high quality compliments…


And If no one has given you any Compliment Candy today, then I have the perfect place for you to go!  Check out Emergency Compliment.  Get your daily dose of rad compliments… things like:

“Your Hair Smells Like Freshly Cut Grass”

“Your Dental Hygiene Is Impeccable”

“Your Blog Is The Best Blog” (my fave! HA!)

“Your Prom Date Still Thinks About You”








  1. I love this.. you are so correct in what you speak.. If you get a chance you need to go to my FB profile and read the link on my page for the Graduation Speech given at UT.. The words will move you beyond belief.. Thank you for making my day a little better by sharing your love with the world.. It makes a difference 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. Love love love this! A good compliment goes a long way!


    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  3. Jessica says:

    This is so cute! Love it. ❤


  1. […] think giving compliments is the ultimate way to leave your trail of sparkle!  Everyone loves to be complimented, and we all […]

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