A Sunday Well Spent Makes For A Merry Monday



It’s Monday, and the saying goes that “A Sunday well spent is a week’s worth of content…”  I could not agree more.  Did you make the most of your Sunday?  Are you prepared for your week?  Whatever day we choose, we all need at least one day to “regroup!”  It is all about planning ahead.  “A weeks worth of content” can mean different things to each of us.  Your “content” may be meeting your work goals, planning your class assignments, or your content may finishing all your appointments.  Whatever your weekly goals are, our lives move smoothly if we schedule time accordingly.


Sunday is my day to focus on the week ahead, but also my day to find some time for non-work relaxation.  It is perfectly ok to schedule YOU time.  One day to ourselves gives us the capacity to brainstorm and create.  Don’t you feel awesome when your thoughts are planned and your mind is clear?  I know I do.  It may sound funny, but I schedule time to clear the “brain fog.”


Here is what I do on Sundays to ensure I have a Merry Monday and a productive week: 🙂

Proactively plan the week!  In my opinion, the easiest way is to start a list.  (Ok so I will confess that I am an obsessive note maker/list maker!) I like to write down my meal plans, my blog and social media posts, my grocery store trips, social dates, etc.

Make your list in the morning so that you have time to run any errands or do a grocery store trip.  Spend the rest of your Sunday relaxing and recharging for the week!  You deserve to spend a little time on yourself…not to mention you will feel like Superwoman afterwards!

Here is a simple breakdown of my typical Sunday schedule.  Of course, my recharge day does vary…but this is just a quick guide!

They say that "A Sunday Well Spent Is A Week's Worth of Content." So true! ...How to plan and optimize your week!





We love our Sundays!! Yesterday we stopped and had smoothies at one of our favorite spots, Greens and Proteins, and later we had a blast on Sunday date night!! Woo hoo!


photo 2






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