Tea Tuesday: Accidental Love

Kombucha Tea! My Fave! www.LipstickandBerries.com

Kind of odd.  Kind of addicting.  Unusually delicious.  Have you tried Kombucha?

Kombucha Tea is a fermented Chinese Tea.   By adding a colony of good bacteria, yeast, sugar (often fruit juice) to the tea and allowing it to ferment, the resulting liquid contains probiotics, vinegar, and B vitamins.

It sounds quite strange, and it actually is, but once you start drinking it…you can’t live without it!

Supporters of Kombucha claim that the tea has antibacterial and anticancer compounds.  It is claimed to be a liver detoxifier, candida yeast warrior, and an appetite suppressant.  (It definitely is an appetite suppressant for me!)

My brother introduced me to GT’s Kombucha (pictured above) one afternoon when I was not feeling well, and he promised if I drank two bottles I would feel better the next day.  To be honest, I thought I was going to throw up the first time I tasted it!  It was just as weird as everyone had said!  I was expecting something soda-like because of it’s effervescent nature, and something sweet because of the pretty bottle.  This tea is something unique to its own.  What does kombucha taste like? Mmm, Grape flavor sounds good! Does it taste like Grape juice? NOPE! Does it taste like regular tea? NOPE!  It tastes like fermented tea, AKA vinegary tea.  Now you are running away, I know!  I promise, just two bottles like my brother said and you’ll be begging for more.

Surprisingly enough, after my first kombucha experience, I felt much better the next day.  Was it all due to the Kombucha?  I don’t know, but it definitely didn’t hurt!  The next week I decided to give it another shot…besides, I wanted to have a guilt-free bottled drink I could snatch up from the grocery store anytime that is caffeine-free, bubbly, low sugar, and good for me!  Kombucha was the perfect fit, and now I absolutely adore them!  There are many different brands, but I am loyal and I just love GT’s.  The Classic Series Flavors are my favorites and the healthiest.

If you have not tried Kombucha Tea before you may want give it a shot! You may fall in accidental love too!





  1. I love Kombucha! I started brewing it at home a couple of months ago and love how I have control over the flavors.

  2. I love the Synergy Kombucha! My favorite is the Trilogy flavor but I also really the Cranberry one as well (:
    All my friends hate it. They each try a sip and they’re disgusted.

  3. Ashley, where do you buy the class ice flavors? All the grocery stores around me only carry the enlightened (I’m in AZ) I heard that some liquor stores have it according to weird laws? Please help I want to try the original so bad

    • Hi Marta, here in Las Vegas, they sell all the kombuchas including the classic at our Whole Foods. Yes, your liquor store probably sells the Classic brand. I know that Texas laws are this way. It’s the most ridiculous law in my opinion; Kombucha Classic has only the slightest minimal trace of alcohol because of the fermentation, but also the highest in nutrients. If you have a local liquor store I would give them a call. I searched the web for a source to buy the classic online, but no luck. I hope you can find it in your area!

      XOXO, Ashley

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