Tea Tuesday: Support in Unexpected Places

Tea Tuesday with Lipstick and Berries!

Do you ever have days where you just want to be completely mindless and read your fashion magazines?  I love style magazines, and I picked up this copy of Lucky clearly because of the Lipstick Dress that Lily Collins is wearing on the front!!  So amazing!  I knew was going to be mine until I realized that it is an Yves Saint Laurent dress for $3500.  I don’t feel I could justify a $3500 Lipstick dress (I mean how often could u wear it anyway haha!), but I would totally be down if YSL wanted to send me one for a photo shoot!  …dreaming… 🙂

During my tea time, I am usually reading something.  Whether its a novel, magazine, or cookbook, reading + tea = ultimate relaxation!  Today I am relaxing with a crisp black tea from Mighty Leaf called Orange Dulce.  If you like black teas, this is a good one!  It is a full-bodied black tea with notes of orange, bergamot, and jasmine.

On to the news…

I came across an unexpected and inspiring article in Lucky today about a philanthropist named Topaz Page-Green.  Topaz had the brilliant idea to use our social media food obsession and turn it into a productive way to help hungry kids!  While brainstorming new ways to build her charity, The Lunchbox Fund, she started noticing how many people share the pictures of their meals on Instagram.  Since The Lunchbox Fund is a charity to feed hungry children in South Africa, Topaz decided to create a way to turn people’s passion for food in to meals for children!!

How does this work?  Well, the answer to that is Feedie, a new app for philanthropic foodies.  When Feedie users take photos of their meals at participating restaurants, the eatery donates the cost of the entire meal for a hungry child in need to The Lunchbox Fund organization.

To date, the app has provided over 12 million meals!

This is such an easy way for all of us to give back!  We are already taking pictures of our food anyway!  Check The Lunchbox Fund website to see if there is a participating restaurant in your area.

If you’re a Foodie now you can be a Feedie!




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