Tea Tuesday: Simple Tea and Simple Lessons

Ahhhh relaxing Chamomile Tea.  Tea Tuesday at  www.LipstickandBerries.com


There is something instantly nurturing and calming about steeping a cup of aromatic Chamomile tea and enjoying the taste one small sip at a time.  Chamomile is an herbal tea that is one of the most enjoyed teas across the world.  It has a smooth flavor that’s somewhere between a fresh apple and the smell of spring flowers.  I actually love the smell of this tea just as much as the taste!  The name chamomile actually means ground apple, and is a testament to the apple-like flavor.


Chamomile may not be the most complex tea, but it’s simplicity is quite amazing!  As a person who has a difficult time relaxing, tea has found a special place in my heart.  Tea happily forces me to set aside time to relax.  I love to enjoy chamomile in the late afternoon and evening.  It defines the finale of my day.  A time to relax, unwind, and just be.

As I am unwinding today, my bracelet below is a simple reminder to always stay true to myself.  I love to find inspiration and thought provoking words in unique places.  These words we need to remember daily.  It is easy to get caught up in the idea of what we should be or who we need to be…when all we really need to do is just BE.   Have you ever really thought about yourself deeply?  You are the only one of YOU ever made.  No one else will ever be you for the rest of time.  That thought is incredible! You are an original!  There something you can do that no one else in the world can do better.  Remember that.  Life is not always about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself! By listening to your soul, have the opportunity each day to create a legacy that is uniquely yours.  Never hide who you are.

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  1. Just the scent of camomile tea is so instantly calming to me – and amazing way to find some peace!

  2. nourishbymelissa says:

    Lovely post! 🙂


  1. […] state of wakeful relaxation. Try Chamomile Tea anytime of the day when you need a relaxing moment. Chamomile is a beautiful, light, and floral, caffeine free tea that rarely needs sweetening and actually […]

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