Around The Web

"Around the Web" Series from Some of my favorite things I find while browsing the web!

I spend a large amount of my time browsing the internet looking at beautiful photos, researching nutrition, reading my favorite blogs, and dare I say…SHOPPING.  There is something about having a box of goodies arrive at your home, that is exciting and ever so addicting!  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite finds as I go along in my new Series “Around the Web.”

1.  Be effortlessly chic in this rad Hobo Bag! (

2.  Yummy Vitamin-Infused Tarte Lipgloss in “Nirvana.”  (

3.  I’m in love with this crystal clear Lucite Cuff!  (

4.  Natural elements like these Agate Coasters bring a cool pop of color into the home.  (

5.  How precious are these Elephant Creamers?  (

6.  Bridging the gap between manmade and organic with this Tree Root Votive Candle Holder  (


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