Tea Tuesday: Tropical Tea Paradise

Tropical Tea Cocktail www.LipstickandBerries.com

It has been a gorgeous start to the week!  The weather is absolute perfection; about 70 degrees and the sky is so blue.  It is the kind of day that draws you outside to breathe in the fresh air and explore.  Recently, I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone and focus in on my creative thoughts.  I have been exploring new exercises like Aerial Yoga, trying new spices like Epazote, redecorating with fresh spring colors, and adding creative twists to classic recipes.

With creativity on the rise, and the spirit of summer to come, I decided to add a tropical twist to a classic tea blend. I used Bliss Tea from the American Tea Room, which is a unique blend of green and white tea, dragon fruit, and pomegranate.   My favorite way to enjoy this tea is over ice with a squeeze or splash of fruit juice.

I am very excited to say that I am an now an affiliate with this beloved tea boutique! I have been purchasing high quality teas from The American Tea Room for quite some time now, and I am very proud to show my support for them.  Please Enjoy!

Tropical Paradise Iced Tea

2 Cups Bliss Organic White/Green Tea Blend, (chilled)

1 Cup Coconut Water

1/2 Cup Pomegranate Juice, unsweetened

Mint Leaves 




  1. Looks delicious!! That is great about the affiliate news!!
    Peace & Raw Health,

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