Tea Tuesday: Tea and Rose Petals

Fresh Red Roses and Tea

It is a gorgeous day in Las Vegas.  The weather is so perfect this time of year!  Danny surprised me with some GORGEOUS ROSES yesterday and I can’t stop staring at them – not to mention they smell amazing!  I love keeping fresh plants and flowers in the house.  They give such life and energy to the home!

I was sipping on soothing African Amber Organic Tea, and reading a fun book called Secrets of Gorgeous that my mom gave me.  Such a fun way to relax while learning some easy beauty/health tips!

African Amber Organic is an herbal tea made from Roobios leaves.  It is caffeine free and really nice for the evening or for those who avoid caffeine.  I stumbled across this tea at a hotel in Dallas Texas, and I was instantly in love!  It has notes of mango, vanilla, and hibiscus.  If you are so inclined, a little drop of honey brings out these flavors nicely.

Fresh Roses

Enjoy.  Relax.  Breathe.  Sip Tea.  Smell the Flowers.

Have a beautiful day and I wanted to leave you with a few tips I read today!

Here a few “Secrets to Gorgeous” I found in this cute book!

1.  Natural Face Lift!

* Eat Blueberries and Cantaloupe to plump up and protect your delicate skin cells.

* Drink green tea and lots of water daily.

* Keep refined sugar intake low.  Sugar causes all kinds of inflammation including acne, and can leave you looking far older than your years if you eat too much of it.

2.  Go Raw!

* If you feel like everything you have tried to get your health on track has failed, try adding tons of raw food and vegetable juices into your diet.  Fresh raw food is alkalizing, builds anti-cancer compounds, and establishes a biochemical balance in the body.  (Start with a huge fresh fruit bowl every morning and try my Zoodles with Carrot Ginger Sauce!)

3.  Fake it Til You Make it!

* Develop a mantra for yourself!  Write this mantra down and repeat it whenever you are feeling anxious.  It can be something as simple as “Everything is going to be ok,”  “I am strong,” or “I am worth it.”

*Over time, the repetition of encouraging words will help to change the way you think about yourself!  Your body reacts to positive energy and it will repay you by feeling energized and your skin will glow!  Not to mention you’ll be smiling all the time!  Your mind will believe all those loving, gentle words you are telling yourself, and you will naturally guide yourself into happiness.

* SMILE – because you ARE worth it; and your health is worth it!




  1. Such a wonderful post, I enjoyed it so much! That books holds some great advice!! Love the Go Raw!!
    Peace & Raw Health,
    Elizabeth Marie

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