Holiday Power Salad with Pom-Dijon Dressing

Holiday Power Salad with Pom-Dijon Dressing. Salt, Oil, Sugar Free!

Stop what you are doing, and make this salad dressing!  It is the perfect balance of sweet and tangy!   This Holiday Power Salad is loaded with Protein,  Vitamin C, Folate, and Fiber…not to mention all the phytonutrients.  Eating raw spinach as part of a salad adds bulk to your meals without a lot of calories, making it a good choice if you are watching your weight.  This salad ensures that you will have tons of energy to make it through your holiday, and it also guarantees a slimmer waistline!  Fill up on this first!  What I love about SOS-Free salad dressings is that they are truly healthy for you.  They are made with natural, whole foods, and not loaded with those ugly fattening oils.  Make this salad dressing ahead of time, and it will last up to four days in the refrigerator.

Salad Ingredients:

Baby Spinach

Orange Slices

Chopped Broccoli

Red Onion Slivers

Pomegranate Seeds


1/2 Cup Pomegranate Juice

1 Tablespoon Sherry or Red Wine Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard

2 Medjool Dates, pitted

1 Garlic Clove

Juice of 1/4 Orange

1-2 Tablespoons Walnuts (optional)


Blend all Dressing ingredients on high in your Vitamix or high powered blender.   





  1. Yummo Ashley!! I cannot wait to make this dressing. The other day the pomegranates looked pretty sad at Trader Joe’s so I will check another market. I am excited to try it. I get so bored with my usual fat free dressings and get really excited when I find new ones that sound so delicious. Thank you for sharing your great recipes.
    Peace & Raw Health,
    Elizabeth Marie

    • Yes, the pomegranates are about to leave us! Hopefully you can find a few to make the salad! Let me know what you think about this dressing 🙂 I’m like you, I get excited about healthy and unique salad dressings!

      • I will!! I am going to the market tomorrow to re-stock greens and fruits and am on the lookout for some fresh, plump looking pomegranates!!

        Peace & Raw Health,

  2. Looks so delicious! We have a ton of pomegranates right now – can’t wait to try something new with them?


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