Raw Cranberry Relish

Raw Cranberry Relish, Vegan/GlutenFree/SugarFree www.LipstickandBerries.com

Everyone loves Cranberry jelly around this time of the year!  Maybe some of the people in your family still  love to eat turkey…that’s ok;  you can always sneak in extra fruits and vegetables into any meal!  Everyone, no matter what their diet, will love this dish.   Plus this is refined sugar free…the perfect way to enjoy your cranberries!

Did you guys notice the falling snow on my blog? If you are on your desktop/laptop you can see it.  I love festiveness! 🙂

Moving on…

Many recent studies have shown that cranberries consumed in their whole form (compared to cranberry extracts and supplements) do a better job of protecting our cardiovascular system and our liver.  This rule about whole dietary intake applies to the antioxidant benefits, anti-inflammatory benefits, and anti-cancer benefits of cranberry.

My Raw Cranberry Relish is the perfect balance of flavor, and it’s very simple to make!  Once you try it you’ll never go back to the canned gelatinous faux cranberry sauce again. The mixture of sweet and tart from the fresh cranberries and pineapple, topped off with the zest of the orange peel will be sure to make your palate sing the yule tide carol!  🙂

If you have made my Raw Vegan Cranberry Pumpkin Parfaits you may notice the cranberry relish is similar! You would be correct…it is actually exactly the same! This cranberry relish is so versatile! It’s a two-in-one recipe.  Gotta love that!


2 Cups Fresh, Whole Cranberries (mine were frozen & then defrosted)

6 Pineapple Chunks

1 Teaspoon Dried Orange Peel (you can use fresh orange zest too)

6 Medjool Dates, pitted

2 Tablespoons Apple Juice, unsweetened


1.  Place defrosted cranberries in food processor.  Coarsely chop the berries and set aside in bowl. 

2.  Place all other ingredients in food processor and chop very finely.

3.  Mix all ingredients together and chill in refrigerator.

Note:  Simplifly your life and make this in advance! 🙂 




  1. I’ve never tried cranberries raw – like this! I am definitely going to try this for our family holiday dinner!

  2. I made a raw cranberry relish this November as well. It was part of my main raw meal along with the raw brussel sprout salad I made.
    I did not put pineapple in mine, sounds good!!
    Peace & Raw Health,
    Elzabeth Marie

    • Mmmm raw brussel sprout salad sounds great! How did you make your relish? Thank You!
      XOXO, Ashley

      • *To make this recipe 100% raw, simply omit the jam and sweeten with 1/2 cup of date paste. Here is the link to my recipe: http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?
        Apple Berry Cranberry Relish (*Semi-Raw w/ raw option)

        by Elizabeth @ rawlivingandlearning.blogspot.com

        Serves 6

        1 pound fresh, organic cranberries. finely chopped in food processor
        2 organic Fuji apples, peeled, cored, and finely chopped in food processor
        [1/3] cup 100% Fruits of the Forest jam (365 brand from Whole Foods)
        1 tablespoon of 100% pure maple syrup[1/3] Cup of frozen Very Cherry Blend, thawed and drained (from Trader Joe’s)
        Squeeze of fresh lime juice

      • Sounds fabulous! I like how you gave it a semi-raww option. 🙂

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