Ways To Find Time To Exercise

We all know that exercise is essential for good health. Knowing that, why is it so difficult sometimes to even find 15 minutes to work out??  I am pretty dedicated, but sometimes still feel this way.


Here are my 12 tips:

1.  Get your gym clothes out the night before! Put them where they are handy so you can easily put them on right when you wake up!

2.  If you workout in the evening, keep a workout bag in your car with all your workout essentials. (Sneakers, socks, shorts, shirt, deodorant, headphones, phone charger, hair ties, towel, yoga mat, etc.)

3.  Exercise at the same time everyday. Your body starts to “know” that it is workout time.

4.  Take the stairs. (Now I do this one all the time! I always opt for the stairs instead of an escalator and see if I can get to the top of the stairs before my escalator friends do!)

5.  Log your future exercise times in your phone or write them on your calendar. This way you will keep reminding yourself of its importance. (I actually set an alarm that reminds me two hours before every workout I have.)

6.  REDUCE your workout time! Hey, cool new concept! Work shorter – Work Harder! Do high intensity training. Your body will see crazy fast results, and you will be out of the gym in no time!

7.  Watch less TV, or make the most of your TV time by exercising or stretching while you are tuning in.

8.  Book a few workout classes.  Classes are a great way to motivate and hold you accountable.  Plus you can make new friends who have positive exercise interests!  Yay, a new workout buddy!

9.  Walk the dog!

10.  Better yet, walk your kids! Ha, no walk with your kids. Great bonding time, and teaching the little ones that an exercise routine is healthy for them too!

11.  Make fitness social.  Instead of wine night, try a healthy girls day/night – maybe schedule a group workout class then reward yourselves and go to the spa!

12.  Just start somewhere. 🙂 Even if you can only do a five minute stretch/workout, make those 5 minutes precious and a daily habit. I bet if you stick with it, those 5 minutes will turn into 30.




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