“Cookie Dough” Protein Globes

Vegan "Cookie Dough" Protein Globes! SOS-FREE.  www.LipstickandBerries.com

The taste of these remind me of an almond shortbread cookie! Yum!  Remember when you were a kid and your mom would make brownies or cookies and the best part about it was licking the spatula of all the raw cookie dough?  I do, and I still get the craving to do so as an adult. But all that sugar?? No Way!  Even the “Healthy” Cookie Dough Flavored Protein Bars can have upwards of 20-30 Grams of sugar in them. But these babies… They’re packed full of WHOLE PLANT based nutrients and protein that will make you wish your mom made these as a kid.  One Cup of Garbanzo beans pack 15 grams of protein and only 7 grams of sugar and a ton of fiber, clocking in at a solid 12 grams! Enjoy these cold or room temperature and relive your childhood SOS-(and guilt) Free!


1 Can Garbanzo Beans, drained & rinsed

1/4 Cup Applesauce, unsweetened

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

1 Teaspoon Almond Extract

2 Tablespoons Almond Butter

2 Tablespoons Almond Flour

3 Medjool Dates, pitted & chopped


1.  Puree the garbanzo beans in a food processor.

2. Add all ingredients together and mix until thoroughly combined.

3. Roll into mini balls and then store in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before serving.



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