Citrus Detox Smoothie

Citrus Detox Vegan Smoothie from

A great way to start your morning is with a large glass of lemon water! It revives you, and gets your metabolism started.  With that in mind, I created this sweet and tangy Citrus Detox Smoothie.  This smoothie is truly revitalizing! Abundant with vitamin C, B vitamins, beta-carotene and fiber this smoothie will awaken your senses and detox your body. Start your day off with sunshine!!


1 Cup Coconut Water (my favorite brands are Taste Nirvana or Harmless Harvest)

2 Bananas

2 Meyer Lemons, peeled

1/2 Orange, peeled

1/2 Lime, peeled

1 Cup Ice


Blend all together and enjoy your citrus boost!


  1. Is there anything you can subsuit coconut water for


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